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Nish Hair

Nish Hair Men’s Hair Line Toupée

Rs.4,999.00 INR

It is a hair system to create a Faux Hairline For Men  it is Handmade on , Invisible Hairline is a DIY patch , which can be worn on your own . Refer to our videos on our Youtube or Insta on how you may wear it , those are very descriptive .

We will provide the piece which is ready to wear with double tape put on the back side for you.
Application – All you need to do is Clean or shave the tiny area where you want to put this remove the tape from one side and stick it in , you may wear the same for 15 days straight sleep or even wash your hair while you have it on.
If you are someone , who has been using a hair topper for sometime you would know how to glue the same too.

Invisible Hairline Patch for men is available in 3 sizes for a receding hairline – small ,medium & large.
Hair length is – 3.5 – 4 inch
Size: Small
Size: Small

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