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Turmeric Growth Boost Scalp Scrub 50gm

Rs. 499.00

Suitable for: All hair types
Arata's Turmeric Growth Boost Scalp Scrub is a revolutionary hair care solution designed to promote optimal hair health. It harnessed the natural power of Capilia Longa, a potent active ingredient known for aiding follicle regeneration, reducing hair loss, and stimulating hair growth, ultimately enhancing hair density. Scientifically formulated, the scrub combines the benefits of peppermint oil, apple cider vinegar, and walnut shell powder to effectively clear build-up and impurities, leaving your scalp ultra-clean.

The key ingredients include coconut water, murumuru butter, and argan oil, which work synergistically to provide nourishment and hydration to the scalp. Coconut water helps maintain scalp health, murumuru butter moisturises, and argan oil adds a luxurious shine to the hair. The infusion of Capilia Longa, scientifically proven for its follicle-regenerating properties, ensures a targeted approach to combat hair loss and support healthy hair growth.

Experience the transformative power of Arata's Turmeric Growth Boost Scalp Scrub, a perfect blend of nature and science, working harmoniously to rejuvenate your scalp and achieve visibly improved hair density.

Boosts hair growth|Reduces hair fall|Exfoliates the scalp|

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