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Unusual FAQ's: Nish Hair Edition

Curious about hair extensions? Uncover the truths behind popular myths and get answers to your most eccentric questions in our latest blog post. From airport security checks to a swim...

Ah, the magical world of hair styling! From the iconic "saadhana cut" to the glorious 80’s blow-dries and the elegant hair buns sported by the likes of Kendall, hair trends have always been the talk of the town. And let's be honest, we've all experimented with them at some point, haven't we? 

There's an unsung hero that deserves all the attention: hair extensions. These miraculous enhancers not only add volume but also shapes our face, giving us that coveted full and fabulous look in a matter of minutes.

Yet, hair extensions remain shrouded in mystery and plagued by myths.

We’re here to discuss and shed light on the myths that have tangled themselves into our hair extension knowledge. And how do we do that? By debunking the myths through some really unusual and unconventional yet frequently asked questions!  We couldn't help but be amazed and amused by some of these.

From the wildest misconceptions to the most bizarre hair extension queries, here’s some of the most quirky questions we’ve been asked, just in case you were curious too...


Can I get through airport security with hair extensions on?

Absolutely, you can! Travelling with hair extensions is not just possible, but quite common, and it's not something that's prohibited by airport security. Hair extensions, including ones that have various accessories like bobby pins, ties, wraps, metal clips, and even bows, may set off the metal detector alarm, but rest assured, they're not against the rules!

Many types of hair extensions, including clip-on extensions, toppers, and wigs, are all perfectly fine to wear while going through airport security. The detectors are highly sensitive and may pick up on these, but security personnel are trained to recognise these as harmless and part of your personal style.

Additionally, certain hairstyles like braids or a hair bun that you might use to manage your extensions may cause a second look, but again, these are not a problem. You might have to go through an additional screening process where they pat down or visually inspect the area, but it's typically a quick and routine procedure.


Can I share my extension with my friend? 

Well, why not! Certainly, you can! Sharing hair extensions with a friend is definitely a possibility, but it does come with an important caveat - hygiene. Just like any personal care item, it's essential to ensure that hair extensions are kept clean, especially when being used by more than one person.

Before lending your hair extensions to your best friend, or anyone else for that matter, you should thoroughly clean and sanitise them. Using a gentle shampoo and conditioner can help remove any product build-up, oils, or dirt that may have accumulated.

Similarly, once your friend has finished using the extensions, it's crucial they too wash and sanitise the extensions before returning them to you. This ensures that the hair extensions remain fresh and clean, and it helps to maintain the integrity of the extensions, increasing their lifespan.

You can also watch this video to know how to properly wash and care for your Nish Hair extensions. 

Will my hair extension fly off if the wind is too strong?

With Nish Hair’s clip on mechanism, your extensions are going to be secure even if there’s a hailstorm. Don’t you worry, they’re not gonna just fly off if securely placed! :)    


Can I wear a helmet with my hair extensions? 

Absolutely, you can! Hair extensions should never be a barrier to prioritizing your safety, and yes, that includes wearing a helmet. Whether you're biking, motorcycling, or participating in sports that require headgear, your hair extensions will not stand in your way.

 However, a small bit of post-helmet grooming may be required once you take it off. Just like it would for your natural hair. It's likely that your hairstyle won't look quite as perfect as it did before, but don't worry - this is totally normal and very easy to fix! A quick brush up or gentle combing can help smooth any tangles and take it back to the original look.

Yes girls, it’s that simple! 

Can I leave my hair extensions down while riding a bike?

Honestly, whether or not you can leave your hair extensions down while riding a bike can largely depend on the type of extensions you're wearing and how securely they're attached. But let's be real - extensions or not, letting your hair fly loose while biking can lead to a whole host of hair hassles!

Think about it. As you zip through the streets, your hair is at the mercy of the wind, which can easily turn your carefully crafted style into a tangled mess. And that's not to mention the potential damage from environmental factors such as sun, dust, and pollution.

Here's a good rule of thumb to follow - if you wouldn't typically leave your natural hair down while biking, then the same should apply when you're wearing extensions. There are plenty of stylish yet practical solutions to maintain your hair's health and appearance while on the move. You could consider tying your hair into a low bun or a secure braid, or even wearing a scarf to protect it.

Alternatively, if you prefer to showcase your voluminous extensions in all their glory at your destination, why not apply them once you've reached it? This way, your extensions remain safe from any potential damage and you can still enjoy their impact when it counts.


Does saline water have an adverse impact on hair extensions?

Indeed, saline water can potentially affect hair extensions. The salt can dry out the extensions, leading to frizziness and tangling. It's advisable to rinse your hair with fresh water after exposure to saline water and use a hydrating conditioner to restore moisture and smoothness. 

Can I dye or colour my hair extensions?

Human hair extensions can be easily coloured and given the right care they will be by your side for quite a long time; however, synthetic hair extensions might not always be very colour-friendly due to the factory treatment that they go through. If you are using human hair extensions, go crazy by all means!

Or hey, just buy our #strandouts and look your best, every day!



Can I wash my hair extensions in a washing machine? 

Hell No! Please don’t. Unless you wash your natural hair in the machine as well.


Can I go in the pool or ocean with my extension?

Absolutely! At Nish Hair, we believe that hair extensions should complement your lifestyle, not hinder it. Whether you're splashing around in a pool or exploring the depths of the ocean, your extensions are designed to join in on the fun!

Feel free to enjoy your water activities, but remember, just like your natural hair, extensions need care post-swim. Be sure to give them a good cleanse afterwards to remove chlorine, salt, or any other impurities. This way, you ensure their longevity and keep them looking fabulous for your next adventure! After all, your perfect beach or pool picture should never be without your favorite extensions.


You can also check out how Parul styles the Nish Hair Pony tail for a Pool day for some extra inspiration!



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