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Side Bangs / Bald Patch Hair | Nish Hair

Rs.4,199.00 INR

Now you can revamp your look without cutting your hair super short, get extra volume and hide those bald spots easily because all you need is the NishHair bangs.
This product is a perfect solution for hair thinning/ bald spots, get thin to thick hair in minutes. It is a glorified seamless side patch, you cannot see the weft or stitching at all.

● Super easy to use clip-on application.
● Adds volume
● 100% human hair extensions
● Lightweight, comfortable to wear all day long
● Blends flawlessly with your hair
● Heat resistant and can be styled just like your real hair
● Can be clipped on top too (as per your need)
● Can by dyed
Side bangs is a great way to completely change up your style! Plus, it’s a super sly way to alter your face shape without being too drastic. So grab yourS NOW!

Color: Jet Black
Length: 14-16 Inch
Color: Jet Black
Length: 14-16 Inch

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