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Nish Hair

Turmeric Scalp Revitaliser Serum 100ml

Rs. 599.00

Suitable for: All hair types
Arata's Grow+ Turmeric Scalp Revitaliser Serum is a transformative daily leave-in serum, harnessing the potent benefits of Capilia Longa. This serum boosts hair growth, fortifies weak hair from the root, and initiates hair follicle regeneration. The natural power of Capilia Longa resets the hair bulb, promoting stronger and healthier hair.

Scientifically crafted with pea protein, curry leaf, nettle and saw palmetto extract, this serum tackles hair thinning by fortifying each strand and minimizing breakage and damage. Pea protein provides essential nutrients for hair strength, curry leaf contributes to reduced hair thinning, and saw palmetto extract fights hair loss.

Experience the science of hair care with our scalp serum, a non-greasy formula that revitalizes your hair from root to tip.

Boosts hair growth|Reduces hair thinning|Helps hair follicle regeneration

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