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Graceful Grays - Donut Scrunchies | Nish Hair

Rs.2,199.00 INR

Nish hair Graceful Grays Donut Scrunchie / messy bun is made with Human Hair. This collection is an ode to my daadi & nani & women who around us who love to flaunt their gray hair. Nish Hair is always celebrating women who choose to be themselves and embrace their grays. These shades of donuts are for all the amazing women who like their hair the way they are and want something that looks just like their own hair, whether it is black or white. Nish Hair has it all.

Please note wash this product with extra care as it  has a high risk of tangling and shedding.

Perfect for women with grey , white and salt & pepper hair .

Color: राज रानी
Color: राज रानी

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